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Please watch our Members explaining why they think you should join IFN.

Ilze at AFRIGISTICS in South Africa is impressed with the excellent service she's received. She also says having agents in so many countries "has opened up a whole new world" for her company.

Teddy from Austromar Logistics in the USA says he’s very proud to be a Founder Member of IFN. He is working with many IFN members. Teddy believes in IFN and says, "I endorse it all the way!"

Stevan from Loch M Fraser Australia believes IFN is service-driven and efficient. He also comments on the quality of IFN Head Office, saying: "We know we can come to you if there’s a problem."


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"We decided to join IFN at the very beginning when Kelly announced that she will found IFN. Kelly and her team at head office were proved to be highly efficient and fast responding. I can feel that they love their work and they do care about the needs of members, and they keep close touch with members by email, phone calls and annual meetings. IFN is a new network but organized by an experienced team, and it selects only the good companies from all around the world. We are currently working with several IFN agents from different countries and we are very satisfied with their services and payment performance. IFN, keep up the good work!"

Fernando Wu, Longwind Logistics, China


"We recently joined the IFN network after evaluating the different networks for freight forwarders on offer.

What drew us to IFN the most was the immediate response and assistance, the clever concept and mainly the focus on one to few members per country, which gives everyone involved special attention.

Plus the monthly Zoom calls and annual meetings in person will open for us, as a medium sized f/f company located only in Hamburg, an edge to serve our clientele globally."

Peter Andag, NST, Germany

"We are very proud to be the member of IFN. As a Founding Member, we’ve been cooperating with some partners for years. The mutual trust in IFN is really reflected as well.

With the efforts from Jess and Kelly, more and more forwarders have joined the network.

Meanwhile, we are also recommending IFN to other forwarders as an obligation and we do believe that IFN will have a promising future and bring us more than our expectation!"

Anson Wang, Danton International Logistics, China


"Joining the IFN Network has been of great benefit to our company. As a Member we have always felt the co-operation of the head office team in supporting us with any situation we might fall into.

This also replicates with the attention and support from our network fellows around the World.

Without doubt, being part of the IFN Network has brought great growth to our business and I am sure this will continue to occur. Thank you, IFN Network!"

Jocelyn Haro, Latin Pacific, Mexico

"Since being a member of IFN, we have had the pleasure of working with numerous agents around the world. We have enjoyed many mutually beneficial relationships. It has also been an absolute pleasure dealing with the IFN Head Office team who are completely hands on. I have found on many occasions where I needed help that I could just email or pick up the phone for their assistance. The team also follow up on their agents almost on a monthly basis, just to touch base, checking to see if we need assistance. 

We highly recommend IFN :)"

Pearl Joseph, International Forwarding Services, South Africa






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