IFN Members

While IFN is still growing, your membership will give you access to forwarders in our sister companies, and That’s 187 members in 111 countries. With representatives in every continent of the world, please click on the region below to see which countries are covered.

All members are carefully vetted and must pass stringent entry procedures in order to be selected to represent their country. Our Group Head Office ensures, for the good of the networks, that they are highly competent and qualified; excellent, swift communicators and have a proven strong payment record - information predominantly provided by international trade references.

IFN Head Office knows that the IFN network will only be as good as its members and therefore it is imperative that the quality of membership remains high.

IFN Management care deeply about the network's reputation and believe that to secure reciprocal business and preserve good reputation, excellence is required. In such a competitive economy, no company can afford to lose business due to the unprofessional operations of an overseas partner. You can be assured that when you join IFN, you are joining an excellent network of agents.

Fed up with not getting a response, or not getting paid on time?

Our members pride themselves on responding quickly and paying on time. IFN Head Office is on hand to support you and chase up responses and payments. To be fair, such a service is rarely required as our members are professional, striving to pay and respond on time.

What about the financials - you don’t want to lose money, do you?

Wouldn’t it be great to be in a network where you get paid? Well, at IFN, this is the case. Year on year, 99% - 100% of all payments are made, even during COVID times. Considering how much business is exchanged, that shows how strong our network is. 






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