An International Freight Network Membership is the way forward if your company is to reach and thrive in a global market. For just £99 per month you are purchasing an affordable multinational presence. With coverage in 111 countries, you're instantly globally connected - increasing your ability to win business.

With a strong 17+ year history in network management, Kelly Bunyan has a proven track record in the industry. Like WFN and SFN, IFN will become one of the world's leading non-exclusive networks. Consequently, you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain if you were to invest in IFN Membership.

Complete the IFN Application Form if keen to join us.

IFN’s sister networks have impressive, high renewal rates, proving that IFN will also be a wise investment for all members. Members renew year after year because they are happy with the opportunity to exchange business and the level of service they are provided with.

IFN Head Office genuinely cares about its members and the entire IFN team is at your service.

Experience has shown that a non-exclusive membership generates increased business for the entire network. Therefore, each company has an improved chance of finding a compatible company to work with. Moreover, IFN members are not required to annul long-standing agency relationships in order to join. This flexibility creates more business opportunities for you.

Aside from India, USA and China, only 5 Members are permitted per country. This gives you plenty of opportunity to obtain business, as your own market isn’t too crowded. Plus if there are 5 Members in your country, there are 5 Members in other countries too, increasing the opportunity for business five-fold.

You can rest assured that when you join IFN, you are joining an excellent network of agents. IFN's Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, cares deeply about her network's reputation and believes that to secure reciprocal business and preserve good reputation, excellence is required. IFN Head Office understands that in such a cut-throat economy, no company can afford to lose business due to the unprofessional operations of an overseas partner. This is why all potential applicants are considered and screened personally by Kelly Bunyan, IFN's Founder. Applicants have to prove that they will be a dynamic member, solid both operationally and financially.

A Credit Status page exists in the member website to alert members to any slow payers. This has proven to be the perfect deterrent to encourage IFN members to abide by the network's strict Code of Conduct.

Year on year, 99% - 100% of payments are honoured within Kelly’s networks. With over 450 companies in the Group, this statistic is exceptional and certainly not achievable outside the safe confines of her networks.

The Group’s Code of Conduct combined with the fact that members meet one another on an annual basis means that all member in the family do all within their power to behave in a decent manner towards their worldwide partners. Members are regularly reminded to treat their fellow partners as they would wish to be treated.


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