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We have held 3 successful Online Meetings and are pleased to announce that our first physical meeting will be held 17-19 April 2024 in UAE. The meeting will provide an invaluable forum for the exchange of business between IFN members. For one set of travel expenses, delegates will have the unique opportunity to attend 1-2-1 meetings with fellow members, in order to generate new business. If you would like to join our network and be a part of this great event in 2024, please get in touch:

An example of the Group’s network meetings can be seen below:


To get an idea of what to expect at Kelly’s events, you can watch clips from IFN’s sister networks’ meetings on the WFN YouTube Channel and SFN YouTube Channel.

Read a selection of our sister network WFN and SFN member feedback on Kelly’s meetings below:

Jacques Schellekens

"We are proud WFN members since January 2008 and we feel very comfortable with our choice to join this network. After a while, as expected, we saw our business within the network increase year after year. We can talk about a success-story.

Each year we were present at the Annual Meeting where we could introduce ourselves to our worldwide partners, get to know each other face-to-face without having to travel all over the globe. Many of them are also present each time, which gives a kind of continuity to the business relationship and even a true friendship with many of our partners over the world.

We are grateful to Kelly and her team for the nice job done so far in a philosophy of open relationship, honesty, professionalism and modern technology which makes World Freight Network really work! We're part of a family rather than just colleagues."

Jacques Schellekens, Herfurth Logistics, Belgium

Jacques Schellekens

“We are very happy to have joined SFN and have been impressed with the quality of SFN members. SFN connects us with professional forwarders around the world, extending our international reach and boosting our business opportunities. We are also really happy with the dedicated support we receive from Kelly and her team. We have not only found excellent and dynamic partners within the group, but have developed friendships too. If you are looking to expand your business, develop relationships with strong agents and satisfy your customers, look no further.”

Ian Connell, Energy Freight Forwarding, UK

"We are very happy to have joined the WFN Group, where we had the chance of getting to know wonderful people all over the world. We have very professional partners at the WFN Group, well informed about the local problems in their countries, helping us to offer our customers accurate information to protect their shipments. We consider the WFN Network as a big family, where all of us support each other in business. The yearly meetings enhance the possibility of discussing business with other members, either with the ones we are already working with, or with new members willing to do new business. All members should invest in these meetings, as a tool for our business. We must say a big THANK YOU to Kelly, who has been the soul of our network."

Isilda Candido, ETE Logistica, Portugal

Jacques Schellekens

"SFN the Network completely fulfils its name. SFN is really SPECIAL for me. The team of Kelly, Dalia and Jess are really a great team together and help us with all our queries. The network is not only focusing on just doing business but to create a FAMILY. And when a family is created, the business automatically flows. I have done a fair amount of business in just one year with almost 8 to 10 agents. But more over I made some really good friends. I am really LUCKY to be a part of SFN."

Vineet Agarwal, Ryal Logistics, India






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