IFN Members Catch Up At Latest Zoom Social

IFN Operations Manager Jess Baker hosts regular 'Zoom Socials' for IFN members to connect, chat and discuss potential business opportunities.
Jess told us more: "We met today and shared updates from around the world, with members from China, Egypt, Germany, India, Netherlands, Poland and Vietnam joining the call.
We discussed the economic situation in Europe, specifically in Germany; the necessity of 'old fashioned' customer service in forwarding (i.e. excellent communication and dedication to clients) to win and keep customers; large contracts won by our members (e.g. a contract with Egypt Air for Cairo Freight Systems); emerging markets; the importance of sharing knowledge and cooperating within a network; expanding global contacts, and much more.
Several members also confirmed that they would be attending the next IFN Meeting in April 2024 in Dubai and were excited by the prospect of meeting in person. It was a very enjoyable call."
You can see a photo of this most recent call below:


Manu Sadanandan from Emirates Logistics India said: "Thank you Jess and everyone. It was nice meeting you all."
Jan Muller from Trimodal Europe in the Netherlands added: "Thanks Jess, for hosting the event."
Hoang Nghia at Trans Pacific Logistics Vietnam said: "Thanks Jess for meeting. See you in Dubai in next year!!!"
We are proud to have such active and responsive members.
If you’d like to join us on the next Zoom call and the meeting in Dubai in 2024, please complete the Application Form.






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