IFN Member in China Completes Challenging Project Shipments

Danton International, IFN members in China, updated us on their most recent large scale project shipments.

Anson Wang, Managing Director at Danton, told us more: "Danton has over 10 years’ accumulation of experience since we were founded in 2010. With our headquarters in Shanghai, we have 4 offices in China (SHA/Nbo/Tao/SZN) that can cover all the territory of China.

We offer a tailored service to meet the specific needs of every single customer. We have over 200+ customers currently, and the biggest field is automotive, which occupies 40% of our total. Not only do we have the traditional export advantage, as with most Chinese freight forwarders, we have also been involved in the import market from all over the world into China, especially from the EU and USA. 

As a result, we have some famous customers with considerable scale, such as GAC, Valeo, etc. The biggest one is Sany group, and Danton has been their official supplier for years. This year we won the import air part from Sany for all trade lanes. The commodity contains generator, gear cases, axle, etc. and you can see some pictures above and below. 

The regions of loading cover all the EU area, India and the USA, and we already built some cooperative relationships with IFN members based on this project. During the operating, the biggest challenge could be the slew bearing from Italy. Due to the special weight of its own, most of the carriers refuse to accept this, so that we have to find some airlines with nose loading to fulfill the transportation requirements."

Jess Baker, IFN Operations Manager, said: "It's great to see such a fine example of how professional and high quality our members are. Danton clearly have a top level of service and expertise in handling such challenging shipments. We are delighted to hear that they have worked with their fellow network members on this as well."

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