IFN Zoom Member Discussion

Several IFN members recently met on Zoom, along with IFN Head Office. 

Kelly Bunyan, IFN Managing Director, stated: "This is our 3rd successful Zoom session and we're delighted to have had such a fruitful meeting. The aim of the chat was for us to connect visually and discuss industry topics together. It was also a great chance for members to promote their companies, and raise suggestions for potential business cooperation."

With that in mind, some discussion was had on the best way to utilise the network for self-promotion and making business connections. Jess Baker, IFN Operations Manager, gave some suggestions: "It's great to be proactive by contacting other members to introduce your company, and taking a personal approach in your email. For example, looking at their company website then writing something about the company in the first paragraph, which shows you’ve viewed their website. A quick phone call and/or WhatsApp message to connect, and arrange a time to speak together, also works brilliantly as you can connect personally."

Kelly once again reiterated her and her team's dedication to supporting IFN members in their quest for business partners and opportunities within IFN. As Kelly put it, "Involve us when you need assistance, and tell us what your goals are. We're here for you."

This lead on to a discussion regarding business opportunities, with members sharing some of their successes within the network and commending those who attended the Zoom meetings. 

Walter at Tito Smart Modal Logistics in Mexico commented: "Everything gets better when we see faces. Regarding IFN Network development, so far we're giving business to members in France, Malaysia and Japan, and we receive business from Italy and the UK. It's working well."

Isilda at ETE Logistica in Portugal praised the connection and communication in the network, both from members and Head Office, saying: "We highly appreciate your efforts to keep the group members active and easy with each other. It is very nice to hear our fellow members talking about their companies and experience, good comments are shared."

Matt at Austromar USA mentioned the levels of PPE being shipped, and also gave his views on new working practices that have come in this year as a result of Covid: "We've clearly seen an increase of PPE cargo coming into the US. And we've actually been more productive in many ways, due to working from home with no commuting."

It seems that this is a common theme for many; once adapted to working from home, many members agreed that their staff find the lack of commute and flexibility, a welcome positive side to 2020.

In terms of business opportunities and changes within the industry, it was remarked upon how online and ecommerce is the way forward, even more so now that the Pandemic has forced customers online more than ever.

Anson at Danton International Logistics in China, gave his views on the ecommerce market, saying: "Ecommerce is the way to go right now. Consumers are moving online and forwarders should now be moving into this industry. I highly recommend it." 

It was a interesting and highly varied discussion, with contributions from several countries giving a good overview of how things stand in different regions of the world. Wherever in the world they are based, it seems that independent freight forwarders continue to benefit from a quality network membership and all the support and opportunity that this provides.

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