IFN Member in Japan Shares Video Presentation

Mat Incorporated, IFN members in Japan, have created a brilliant promotional video, to introduce their company.

Please click on the image below to watch:

Their website states: "We at MAT Inc. can handle any shipment you need moved to and from anywhere in the world through our global network of business partners and skilled employees. In order to accomplish our door-to-door service in a timely manner, mutual understanding and clear communication between all parties involved are essential elements that we at MAT Inc. strive for on an individual basis. We at MAT Inc. hope that our services satisfy your every logistical need as we oversee every minute detail, insuring that your cargo arrives safely and on time from point-A to point-B anywhere in the world."

IFN Operations Manager, Jess Baker, said: "It's great to see Mat Inc. taking such a proactive approach to promoting their company within the network. Good networking is about developing relationships, and we at IFN Head Office are on hand to support our members in doing so."                 

You can also read more on the Mat Inc. company website:

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