IFN Member in China Provide Logistics Support for Wedding

Realogistics International, IFN Member in China, shared a past specialised project, where they provided logistics support for a wedding. 

Echo Fu, Overseas Manager at Realogistics, said: "Realogistics last year provided logistics support for a wedding in Macao. 


Commodity: Roof materials, ballast water tank and installation tools
Shipped from: Hong Kong
Shipped to: Macao


The client knew little about sea freight, so they could not provide us with accurate cargo details. So we couldn't prepare the documents in advance.

There were specific opening hours (9:00 – 18:00) for the containers at 5A Wharf in Macao.

The lane-limit to the loading area in the center of Jinsha city was only 3.8m high, so there was a risk of ceiling collision when the trailer enters directly.


We have sent colleagues, prepared all documents and loaded the cargo at the same time.


After negotiating with the port office in Macao, the port agreed to let the truck in the port at 8am, so we could arrange unloading and delivery of the cargos in advance. The first batch of goods (3 vehicles in total) would arrive at the receiving area of Jinsha city center at 8:30 for unloading and assembly.


We arranged a low board truck to avoid high limit.
Expertise/services/facilities used:

1. Strong partner in Macao.
2. Low board truck.

The project was a success and we're pleased to share this with our fellow IFN members."
Jess Baker, IFN Operations Manager, said: "IFN Members are proactive, positive and well placed to assist their clients, with contacts all over the world. This is just one example of how forward planning and great teamwork helped to complete a challenging shipment with relative ease."

If you would like to consider joining our network, and working with such professional and highly capable agents, please send the IFN Application Form.







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