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Paragonqms Ltd have developed an ISO Standards Certification process offer designed especially for members of International Freight Network.

Paragonqms is a specialist ISO Standard Management Systems solutions provider with expertise in the successful Design, Development, Implementation, Training and Internal Auditing of ISO Standards series and amongst other international benchmarking standards.

Paragonqms provides a hub that allows you to tap into resources and expertise to make the effectiveness of your business processes a viable proposition.

What Paragonqms offer:

  • ISO Standards Consultancy, Implementation Certification Process Management Services
  • The management systems design, documentation development including Policy statements, operating & management systems mandatory procedures, systems manuals, and work instructions
  • ISO Standards related training workshops and courses to enhance understanding & knowledge of ISO Management systems
  • ISO Systems Internal Auditing training to enable organisation conduct internal audits of its Management systems
  • Implementation of management system that is compliant with the requirements of chosen ISO Standard(s)
  • Fast turnaround of system and guaranteed fixed price policy

Kelly Bunyan, Managing Director of IFN, states: "I’m always striving to find ways to add value to the IFN membership. Fortunately, I’ve found another way. This will be helpful to our members if their company is not yet ISO certified, or they require a different type of ISO certification.

Paragonqms can service your ISO certification needs, wherever you are in the world. The great thing is that they will discount the fee for all IFN members."

To learn more please follow this link.

If you are interested in joining IFN, please complete the IFN Application Form.






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