IFN Members Discuss Business on Zoom

IFN Operations Manager Jess Baker hosts regular monthly 'Zoom Socials' for IFN members to connect, chat and discuss potential business opportunities.

Jess told us more: "The Zoom calls are a great way for our members to connect, get to know one another and put faces to names. We have a fun, social chat each time and just see what topics come up naturally, and we then discuss things in an open forum. The discussion is really varied. This time, we learned more about the companies in attendance, and their business together. We also discussed the benefits of working with long-running companies (all those in attendance are from companies established for 20+ years), ISO tank capability, how to better promote oneself (by sharing detailed examples of shipments performed), why communication and responsiveness is so crucial within the network, and how personal connection is so important to networking."

You can see a photo of this most recent call below:

Loay from Cairo Freight Systems in Egypt has joined the network recently and is already working with several members. He said: "In IFN, the people are nice. They are active, and have time to speak with each other, this is good for business.”

Ingrid from Ganertrans France added her feedback after the meeting: "It was a pleasure to be part of this meeting, as the last time. Thank you for your kindness and the animation of this meeting. I find that you have created a network with super agents. There are a number of agents with whom we have started to work and everything is going well for the moment. I’ll be at the next meeting."

We are proud to have such active and responsive members.

If you’d like to join us, and attend the next Zoom call, please complete the Application Form.






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