IFN Member In China Shares Success at IFN Online Meeting

Sami Li, Assistant Sales Manager at Action Air Logistics, IFN members in China, recently attended the IFN Online Meeting. The Online Meeting allows our members to connect over video call to discuss business, share ideas and news, and develop their relationships.

Sami told us more:

"Thanks for offering us the chance to meet each other. I met with several agents, including those in Australia, Vietnam, Egypt, Italy and Turkey. Please see some screenshots below:



We had a good time together and sharing some company information and news about the market situation here and we hope we can work together in the near future. 

Also want to let you know that Oshus Freight is my client at the moment :) 

I believe that I can use good rates and my professionalism to serve more agents in IFN. Again, thanks for giving us this chance here." 

IFN Managing Director Kelly Bunyan said: "Networking takes time and effort and it's great to see how committed Sami is to success within IFN. The Online Meeting was a success because our members are active, enthusiastic and keen to work toegther. Even if business isn't immediate, they are regularly sharing local knowledge and advice, to help one another. This camaraderie is particularly important during this challenging time for the industry, and I commend all our members for being so proactive and supportive to one another. That's what being part of a network is all about." 

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To read more about Action Air Logistics China, visit their website here:






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