IFN Member in India Shares Strong Sales Approach

Arun Sharma, Managing Director at Freyer International Logistics in India, recently shared some details on their sales team with the network.

Arun states: "Hello to all our Fellow Members. Freyer International has 9 offices spread all across India with 156 Employees. Our offices are strategically located in all the major International Airports, Seaports, ICD’s and Industrial cities.

Our DNA is Sales and we are always focused on New Business acquisition.  We have a very young and aggressive team of 41 Sales people, and we have a very high market penetration. 

We build our own Air & Ocean consolidations from key markets in US, EU & Asia. We also have a Dedicated Sales team who are trained to focus on Large Customers who are Strategic in nature.

If you have any Sales leads related to India, please feel free to send them over to us and we will be happy to work on Tandem sales and will help close those opportunities for you."

IFN Operations Manager, Jess Baker, said: "We are really pleased to hear about Freyer's continued success and this is likely in part due to their strong sales approach. Sharing such details with their network partners shows their dedication to the network, and to developing business with their fellow IFN members. We look forward to seeing Freyer, and all our members, go from strength to strength as the year continues."

You can visit the Freyer website here:

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