IFN Members in Portugal and Australia Enjoy Strong Partnership

Two of our IFN members, ETE Logistica in Portugal and Loch M Fraser Logistics in Australia, have formed a strong partnership through their network membership.


Isilda Cândido at ETE told us more:

"We handle regular shipments throughout the year for LMF. It is a very specific kind of service which requires close stock control with the suppliers/trading agents and close monitoring of each shipment.

Our mutual trust and understanding of the customer’s needs let us make the necessary adjustments, helping Stevan make his customer happy. Trust, commitment, good service and confidence are the soul of every partnership. Thanks Stevan for the cooperation, we hope that the good partnership between LFM and ETE Logística will grow more and will last for a long time! :)

Thanks to the IFN team for encouraging all members to give priority to the Group partners, building strong and trustful partnerships."

Stevan also gave his positive comments on the partnership:

"This particular cnee and account for Loch M Fraser was super important. As I am sure you can appreciate there are many freight forwarders and agents to choose from. Because we had won and lost this work in the past, I only had one chance to get it right.

Right from the start, Isilda and her team assured me they would do whatever it took to ensure they met all expectations of both Shippers, cnee and Loch M Fraser. True to Isilda's word, they have done exactly as promised and provided a level of service and communication that has surpassed our expectations.

Any freight forwarder/agent can handle shipments when they are straight forward, but you don’t know the true value of your business partner on the other side of the globe until either something goes wrong, or they are presented with a situation that requires immediate action or change to avoid potential unruly delays. ETE Logistica, on more than a few occasions, have had to act fast and think outside the box and find me a solution to avoid delays for my cnee. This is when you know how good your business partner really is.

Thank you to Isilda and her team for not only the service and communication, but the attention to detail that this cnee requires."

IFN Managing Director Kelly Bunyan said: "It is really wonderful to hear yet another success story and to see our members benefiting from their membership. Not only do we want our members to gain top level business partners, we want them to feel that extra level of trust, security and friendship. It is well displayed here."

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To read more about ETE and Loch M Fraser, visit their websites: and






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