IFN Members Utilise Expert Network Partners

Even in such difficult times, IFN Members are continually seeking ways to assist one another and searching for mutually beneficial business. 

IFN Group Operations Manager, Jess Baker, said: "The platform we provide to our members enables them to develop business with top-level forwarders around the world. As we only recruit high quality companies, they can be confident of their partners' expertise and professionalism. We are impressed to see the variety of commodities being shipped."

Here are some of the more recent enquiries that have been sent between members:

> Forklifts from Japan to Peru
> Milk from Portugal to China
> Screws, nuts and washers from UK to Saudi Arabia
> Temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products from Germany to India
> Metal and parts for air conditioning systems from Malaysia to Mexico
> Telecommunication equipment parts from the UK to Azerbaijan
> Restored Motorbike from Canada to the UK
> Cable Glands and accessories from the UK to Mozambique
> Electronics from the UK to Barbados
> Forklifts from China to Mexico
> Used car from Mexico to Poland

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