IFN Member in China Completes Important Government Shipment

Realogistics International, IFN Member in China, shared their most recent shipment.

Echo Fu, Overseas Manager at Realogistics, told us more: "Realogistics have successfully completed a temporary import and export customs clearance for the Singapore Army of their military exercise, invited by Chinese government.

In November 2019, Realogistics received an important order from Singapore, which asked us to provide logistic support for the Singapore Army. The army was invited by the Chinese government to join the recent military exercise, and they asked us to transport their gear to China and send back to Singapore afterwards.


Transport mode: air transport

Transport route: air shipment from SIN (Singapore airport) to CAN (Guangzhou airport), then back to SIN.

Cargo details: the Singapore Army was invited to join the exercise on 12th of Nov. They carried 8 cartons of military gear with them, 360kg in total.


The logistic solution provided by Realogistics

As the military goods are strictly controlled, Realogistics organised the project department immediately. The project team had negotiated with customs, security and the airline company several times, then came out with standard of procedure (SOP) for this temporary import and export case.

The procedure of re-export these cargos to SIN:

1. To carry the military cargos to CAN customs to check whether the commodity and number matched with application form.

2. To check with the Airline Company as to whether the cargo can be sent by air.
3. Then send the cargos to security to check through an X-Ray machine, to do a final check.
4. After the final check, the cargo was packed and sent to airplane by Chinese military.

At last, Realogistics successfully finished this mission, and our service was highly complimented by the client. We're very pleased to share this with our network partners."
Jess Baker, IFN Operations Manager, said: "We enjoy learning more about our members' activities and this is a great example of an important and challenging shipment that went smoothly, due to the excellent service and experience of the logistics team. Realogistics are a top quality agent and we are pleased to have them in our IFN Family."

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