IFN Member in China Shares Successful Oversize Shipment

Realogistics International, IFN Member in China, shared their most recent shipment of oversized cargo.

Echo Fu, Overseas Manager at Realogistics, told us more: "Realogistics recently successfully transported oversized cargo from Vietnam to Latin America via Shekou (Shenzhen).


Sector: Guangzhou Branch
Commodity: Building material 
Region: Vietnam
Shipped from: Shekou 
Shipped to: Latin America 


During October, one of our major clients asked us to ship oversized cargo from Vietnam to Latin America. There is neither cargo airplane from Vietnam to Latin America, or Special cabinet to destination from the factory. 

For oversized cargo, we need to import the cargo first, and then do export in Shenzhen (Shekou). The whole procedure would be very complicated.  


Based on the situation, we have provided the solution in first time: truck transport from factory to Guangxi Pingxiang land port — Guangxi Pingxiang land port to Shenzhen Shekou seaport - Shekou to Latin America (sea shipment).

The goods are picked up by Vietnam truck factory and transported by land to Vietnam Lang Shan Cargo Station.


Vietnam trucks enter China and arrive at Pingxiang Port Bonded Logistics Park. After finishing customs clearance, the cargo moved to another 17.5m long board truck. 


The truck arrived to Shekou, we have arranged crane to load the cargo into the boat.

Expertise/services/facilities used:

1. In Vietnam to do customs clearance. 
2. Highly experienced staff, to operate import customs in Guangxi (Pingxiang). 
3. Long board truck service to transport the cargo to Shekou.
4. Have high experience for the inland route from Vietnam into China. 

The shipment was challenging but ultimately successful and we're pleased to share this with our network partners."
Jess Baker, IFN Operations Manager, said: "It's clear to see that Realogistics are top quality, as are all our members. We enjoy learning more about our members' activities and sharing in their successes. Not only do these shipments show their foresight and skill, but demonstrate their dedication to making the shipments go smoothly and keeping their clients happy."

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