IFN Members Transport Spooling Winch from UAE to Azerbaijan

GMB International Shipping, IFN members in UAE, recently completed a challenging short notice shipment, to transport a spooling winch to Azerbaijan via Turkey. 

Rovshan Mammadov at GMB told us more:

"We are pleased to share our latest news about a shipment that we arranged within a short notice period and which we managed to handle safely considering the coming weekend, road restrictions, and the cut off time from the shipping lines and port authorities. 

On 10th of September, 2019, we got an email from an agent in Turkey to offer charges for local formalities, local transportation, loading/lashing/securing of the units in 1 x 40 Flat Rack, which needed to be exported to Izmit Korfezi, Turkey for further transportation to Baku, Azerbaijan. Later, on Wednesday 18th September, we got an email in the late afternoon that the job had been approved by the client and we need to book 1 x 40’Flat Rack ASAP, which has to be placed to the Shipper’s premises n Sharjah on Thursday morning, the next day. 

Considering that we have to get an approval from the Shipping Line for OOG cargo, Thursday is our last working before weekend and there are also road restrictions, we requested to postpone loading and lashing to Saturday morning, but the client insisted to finalize loading on Thursday. We got a booking approved by the Shipping Line on Thursday morning and by the time we got the container from the Terminal it was almost noon. Despite heavy traffic on the roads, our driver managed to place the container for loading in the evening. 

At around 10:30pm on Thursday 19th we got a message from the driver that the cargo was loaded safely, but due to a safety reason even our lashing team was ready also at Shipper’s premises, we decided to postpone lashing to Saturday morning as we had time until our cut off time. And we planned the gate in the container to terminal/export customs formalities to be completed on Saturday. Finally we completed the job safely and as planned. On 21st September, the container was on board the vessel and sailed from U.A.E.

The shipment details :

PACKAGE 1 OF 4 : SIZE: 380 X 300 X 320 CM , WEIGHT 18,000 KG 
PACKAGE 2 OF 4 : SIZE: 340 X 340 X 340 CM , WEIGHT 20,000 KG 
PACKAGE 3 OF 4 : SIZE: 210 X 100 X 105 CM , WEIGHT 200 KG 
PACKAGE 4 OF 4 : SIZE: 142x132x75 CM , WEIGHT 800 KG 
GROSS WEIGHT : 39,000 KG ."

Jess Baker, IFN Operations Manager, said, "This is a great of how professional and competent our members are. Even challenging shipments are handled with ease, and we enjoy reading more about our members' accomplishments throughout the year."






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