IFN Member in China Transports 42 Tons Oversized Cargo

Realogistics International, IFN Member in China, told us about one of their recent oversized cargo shipments.

Echo Fu, Overseas Manager at Realogistics, said: "Realogistics has successfully transported 42 tons of oversized cargo from Luxembourg to Zhengzhou by air.


Sector: Project Department
Commodity: Engine parts
Shipped from: Luxembourg
Shipped to: Zhengzhou 


The cargo’s measurements and weight. The cargo’s measurement is 901*160*145cm, NW: 38500kg, GW: 41700kg. This is the very first time for Zhengzhou airport to import this size and weight of cargo. So all the procedures will be extremely challenging for this shipment as the airlines and operational department don’t have experience handling similar cargos.   


Due to the cargo’s huge size and weight, it needed to be transported by a professional trucking company that has a Large cargo transportation permit. However, during the summer holiday, it takes a long time to obtain this certificate, which would delay ETD. 

The cargo needed to be packed as the shipper just provides the cargo itself. So a detailed and feasible diagram needed to be sent to both the shipper and cnee to confirm.

The unloading from airplane to trailer was also a challenge.


After considering shipping ability from airlines, as well as the operational ability of unloading, capacity of inland transport and all possibilities, we choose Luxemburg airline.  

We prepared the Transnational transportation license ahead of time, to avoid applying for a transportation permit. This not only helped to save a lot of time, but to keep a high level of service. 

The airline has drawn a packaging diagram just for cargo. When the cargo arrived at the airport, we arranged a large crane to hoist the cargo. In order to reduce the pressure for the aircraft floor, the airline used batten and I-beam under the cargo. And dozens of bandages were tied on the aircraft floor. 


After the cargo had arrived to Zhengzhou airport, we arranged 3 flat trailer and 2 large cranes to move it on heavy low flat semi-trailer safety. 


Expertise/services/facilities used:

1. Craft airplane (Luxemburg airline)
2. A trucking company with a Transnational transportation license
3. Crane, batten and I-beam (reduce the pressure), bandages (to fix the cargo)
4. Flat trailer and cranes to move out to the heavy low flat semi-trailer. 

We are very glad to show this project to our fellow members, to illustrate our competency in large cargo shipments."
Jess Baker, IFN Operations Manager, said: "Thanks to Realogistics for sharing this excellent project with us and the other members. It's always satisfying to see how well our members are doing, especially with such challenging shipments. We welcome applications from all top quality forwarders, who wish to connect and work with agents of the same high quality."

If you would like to consider joining our network, and working with such professional and highly capable agents, please send the IFN Application Form.






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