IFN Member Ships Special Family Car From Sri Lanka to UK

Global Freight Logistics, IFN Members in the UK, recently completed an unusual and special shipment. Richard Pankhurst, MD at Global Freight, told us more: 

"We did something a little out of the norm for us last month: One of our regular clients that we have worked with for many years decided to import their father’s vehicle from Sri Lanka back to his residence in the UK.

Although the vehicle in question doesn’t look much to look at, to our client it had tremendous sentimental value. This vehicle had been in the family since the late 80s and for our client it held a lot of childhood memories including taking him to his first day of school, as pictured above. 

We at GFL took special care with the loading at the family home just outside Colombo through to shipping and delivery of the vehicle here in the UK to his residence in London. 

Working in the Logistics industry, most of the time we are dealing with regular commercial freight, so it’s nice when once in a while you can do something for an importer that really makes a difference to their life. We were very pleased when we unloaded the container in the UK and saw the delighted look on the importer's face. It makes it all worthwhile and goes to show just what an important part Logistics has to play in the modern world.”






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