IFN Member in China Ships Aircraft Engine to the UK

Realogistics International, IFN Member in China, shared a shipment of an aircraft engine from China to the UK.

Echo Fu, Overseas Manager at Realogistics, said: "Realogistics has successfully transported an aircraft engine from Zhengzhou to LHR. 


Sector: Project Department
Commodity: Air Engine
Shipped from: Zhengzhou 
Shipped to: UK


Cargo’s measurement and weight. The cargo’s measurement is 480X245X240CM, GW: 4430kg. As the cargo is high value and oversized, we had to find a safe and stable way to ship this cargo.

As the cargo is oversized, it needs to stay 24 hours to move into the warehouse. So time is precious.


The LHR airport has 24 hours free of charge. After that, the airport will charge extra storage fee. 

When picking up the goods, the airline does not dismantle the board, but allocates the whole board (a PGA). Only roll on / roll off transportation can be used without dismantling the board.


We sent different solutions to the client, they chose to fly from Zhengzhou to LHR. As the cargo is high value, we arranged an air cushion car to ship to Zhengzhou. We also used G7 GPS system to trail the transportation situation. 
After the cargo arrived to Zhengzhou airport, Realogistics helped do the customs clearance, and managed to finish customs clearance within one day. 


Realogistics sent the import documents in advance, to make sure customs released the cargo smoothly, and arranged an air cushion car right after the cargo arrived to LHR. 

We finally managed to make the airline to unload the cargo to the air cushion car and send to cnee on time. 

Expertise/services/facilities used:

1. Air cushion car.
2. Zhengzhou airport to finish customs clearance on time.
3. In LHR to deal with problems in Destination airport. 

We're proud of how our team handled this shipment and completed it without issues."
Kelly Bunyan, IFN Managing Director, said: "Realogistics have here given a great example of how they plan in advance, track shipments, and continually strive to give a swift and quality service. The result is a smooth shipment and a happy client. All our our members are proactive, professional and aim to give the highest standard of service, in this way."

If you would like to consider joining our network, and working with such professional and highly capable agents, please send the IFN Application Form.






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