IFN Member in China Ships Robot to Beijing

Realogistics International, IFN Member in China, shared a past success story.

Echo Fu, Overseas Manager at Realogistics, told us more: "Realogistics provided a full logistics service for an online program.


Sector: Project Department
Commodity: Robot, including accessories, toolbox, batteries, etc
Region: USA, UK, TAIBEI 
Shipped from: USA, UK, TAIBEI 
Shipped to: Beijing 
Timeframes: 2017/10-12


All goods would be exported in the name of personal goods and returned to the corresponding place after use. 

As the owners of the goods are individuals, they can only provide the general information of the goods, such as the name of the goods, the number of pieces, the amount, etc., which increases the difficulty for the shipment. 

The project was during Christmas, this makes time more limited.

The consignor of all goods can only provide the naked package, and need us to provide the professional air transport package. 



Based on the inquiry, we have suggested to use temporary import and export method. 

The project department confirmed the delivery list with the consignor one by one, and assisted the consignor to make professional transportation and customs documents.

Realogistics’ project team successfully completed all the logistics tasks in a limited time by making plans in advance and implementing them efficiently.

Our project team has provided a professional packing service after pick up of the cargo.  


Expertise/services/facilities used:

1. Package service
2. Temporary import and export service
3. Help shipper to make customs docs

We are happy to share this success story with our fellow members."

Jess Baker, IFN Operations Manager, said: "It's brilliant to see how our members handle such challenging shipments. This example really shows off how, even with difficult requests and shorter timeframes, IFN members can rise to the occasion and complete things swiftly, without issues."

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