IFN Member in China Visits Nursing Home

IFN Member Danton International Logistics recently visited a nursing home to perform for and meet the residents.

Ashley, Overseas Manager at Danton, told us: "Our company visited the nursing home. It’s an activity full of love. I’d like to share with our fellow IFN members.

In order to welcome Learning from Lei Feng Month and let employees know about the life of the elderly in nursing homes, our company held an activity themed "caring for the elderly and serving the society". 

Lei Feng, a soldier of the people's liberation army, has influenced generations of Chinese people with his selfless dedication. On March 5th, the day we memorize Lei Feng, a team of DANTON went to century nursing home to send love and warmth to the elderly. Before that, we did a lot of preparatory work. It includes rehearsing song and dance performances in the off-duty time, purchasing goods collectively, asking the responsible personnel for the location and arranging the visiting time, etc. 

The person in charge of the nursing home told us about these old people. Most of them were sent here because their children were too busy working outside to take care of them. Lonely eyes, the years run over the face and bowed back let our hearts can not help but clench. Since some old people can't walk easily, or even sit in wheelchairs all the time, our staffs helped them out carefully in their rooms to the hall on the first floor, and also moved the benches for the old people to sit well. We sit together with the elderly, the heart is very warm moved. 

Our MD. Mr. Wang delivered a speech to introduce DANTON and explain the purpose of this visit to old people. In the process of chatting with the old people, more than a dozen of our employees brought them a wonderful program after wonderful program, including singing and dancing. Although some programs were slightly flawed in rehearsal, we could still see their happy mood from the faces of the old people. Our staff sang a lot of nostalgic songs as well as a few red songs, the old people listened carefully while playing for us to drink, harmonious atmosphere let us all intoxicated. The old man's face slowly filled with a happy smile, the feeling of happiness rippling in the heart. After the show, we talked with the old people about daily life. The impromptu performance not only raised the spirits, but also made the trip more enjoyable.

At the end of the activity, we wish the old people good health, happy life, long life, promised the old people we will often visit them in the future. After taking photos at the gate of the nursing home, we left reluctantly. At the same time, we are very happy that this activity has achieved great success. As we all know, what these old people lack is not material resources, but inner spiritual company. They don't ask for much, they just want us children to visit them often and chat with them so that they don't feel lonely any more. But our meager strength is certainly not to solve all the needs of the community to care about things, so we hope and call on the community to reach out their hands, dedication of love, so that the elderly no longer feel lonely, so that they can really enjoy their old age, the construction of our harmonious family."

Jess Baker, Joint IFN Operations Manager, said: "We are very moved to hear of such a lovely and selfless act undertaken by one of our members. We too feel that it's very important to 'give something back' in life and it's great to hear more about how our members are doing that in their own countries. Thank you to Danton for sharing such heart-warming news!"

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